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Tools for guidance and counselling at the workplace

Worklife guidance refers to all guidance and counselling offered at the workplace.


This toolbox is made for guidance service providers and HR professionals. The tools support you in providing guidance and counselling to employees.


The toolbox consist of various methods, best practices, cases and practical tools. Feel free to explore and use the ones that suit the situation best!

This toolbox is an output of the Erasmus+ project "Worklife Guidance - Development of guidance and counseling in the workplace". The project was conducted 1.9.2014 - 31.8.2016. Partners of this project were ETSC / Iceland, OAKK / Finland, CFL / Sweden, EC VPL / The Netherlands and MERIG / Austria. Find out more about the project and partners on our web page: Worklife Guidance

in this toolbox you'll find: 


How to approach 


Tips, tools and methods on how to approach organisations. How to help them gain trust in guidance services offered and how to bond with them in a way that helps both parties to see the benefits of the cooperation? 

About the process


Here you can read about the whole process of offering guidance services for organisations and conducting guidance in cooperation with the organisation. What to take into consideration as a counsellor? What kind of process is it, from the organisational and personal viewpoint? And also important aspect - who pays for the service?

Practical tools:  Working with groups and individuals


Practical tools and exercises for career counsellor/guidance personnel to work with individuals or groups at the workplace. 

How to do it? Ways of providing service (cases) 


Guidance services in a bus or campervan, maybe? We present a few cases of how to carry out guidance and counselling for the employees. Mentoring, training managers and peer counsellors are some of the methods.

Training course for providers of guidance services


Learn how to make the best out of this toolbox!

Introduction to worklife guidance

Content of the toolbox 

List of terms and abbreviations 

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